How We Work

We MEET to assess your needs, and determine the best course of action. (Is the meter running? Nope!)

Jenei LLC provides a quote for the services outlined in our initial meeting—A FLAT FEE for what you need.

Once you approve the quote, we GET TO WORK. Do you have questions along the way? Give us a call. There’s no extra charge! We stick to the quote.

When the work is done, you are invoiced for the amount we agreed to. NO HIDDEN CHARGES for copies, phone calls, or that cup of coffee we bought you.

WHY is this important? Nobody wants surprises on their legal bills. When we are both on the same side—when our interests are aligned—we both have an interest in getting the job done quickly, efficiently, and EFFECTIVELY. When you know what our services will cost ahead of time, you can make business decisions with CONFIDENCE, and focus on what you do best.